Tim Ho Wan

Finally!!! The wait is over. The famous Michelin star dimsum restaurant from Hongkong, Tim Ho Wan has finally arrived in Jakarta! Spread this good news guys!!! I was so excited to try their dimsum because I haven't got any chance to try their restaurant in Singapore, at that time the queue was crazy. Well, let's check it out :

St. Germain by Cacaoté (revisited)

JiF always falls in love with St. Germain's beautiful interior, and when he was in Grand Indonesia, he decided to have lunch here for the second time. Scroll down to find out his food journey here

Fok Luk Sau (revisited)

Fok Luk Sau at Wisma 46 is always be my family's favorite Chinese restaurant. Why? Simply because all the food are delicious. Not many people know about this restaurant, so I called them a hidden gem, and hidden gem has always served good food. And now, I'd like to make a review for the second time and I never get bored to come back here. Chinese food people! Here you are.....

Shirayuki - New Menu

Shirayuki is one of my favorite desserts house. They always offer new innovation, such as new creative and unique desserts menu. And I always like to come back to try 'em. Here is the new eye-catching dessert menu I wanna share with you people :

Abura Soba by Yamatoten Tokyo

The most happening Japanese restaurant at PIK area goes to Abura Soba Yamatoten Tokyo. JiF has found them at instagram and few days ago, finally got a chance to give their abura soba a try. Okay well, PIK's restaurants growth is crazy. Lots of new restaurants kept on popping out every single day. And now it's Yamatoten turn to be reviewed, FYI Yamatoten is originally a branch from Japan. So here you gooo :

St. Germain by Cacaoté

Please welcome the sister of the well-known Cacaoté, St. Germain by Cacaoté. They not only serve modern Western food, but also all-day brunch menu and also appetizing patisserie which you can find at Cacaoté. From the outside, I can't resist not to fall in love with their classic yet elegant interior, especially the classy chandeliers. How about the food? Scroll-down to find out in case you're curious enough.

Fok Luk Sau

Gong Xi Fat Chai! JiF would like to wish you a Happy Chinese New Year 2566. Anyway, JiF had Chinese New Year's Dinner at Fok Luk Sau - Shark's Fin and Seafood Restaurant. They specialize in Cantonese cuisine. I knew this place when I went to Bandung for holiday, I stayed at Maison Pine Hotel and tried this restaurant. The only thing I could remember that the food was awesome. And I just found that they have a branch in Jakarta. Hence, I and my family decided to have dinner at this place for CNY. Let's see their awesome food :

Braised chicken with wine, vinegar, soya sauce, and basil in clay pot. When it came to my table, it was very hot since it used hot clay pot and it looked like it has been cooked in a high temperature. The chicken itself was cooked very well, juicy, tender and flavorful. I like the combination of the ingredients, such as wine, vinegar, and soya sauce which made the chicken was very tasty. The basil not only become a garnish, but maked the chicken tangy yet mouth-watering. My fav!

Braised home made bean curd with mushrooms and vegetables. I love the texture of the bean curd, so soft and smooth, but honestly I prefer spinach to seaweed for the bean curd, but this dish is pretty delicious, fresh and healthy. They make the bean curd themselves, so no doubt home made never fails. The bean curd was served with broccoli, carrot, some types of mushroom, and kichi.

Braised pork with salted vegetables, Hakka style. Uhh! Have I made you drool by this picture? Pork is the best dish ever. The braised pork was so good, juicy, tender, ah great taste. But the salted vegetables were too salty for my tounge, and made the dish imperfect. The portion was quite generous tho.

Wok fried Hongkong kailan in two flavors. So, basically, the HK kailan was cut into 2 parts. For the leaf part, it was fried so became so crunchy, such a unique taste! And the other part, the stem part, it was stir-fried with garlic. The idea was so brilliant, and it's such a very unique vegetable dish which you definitely have to try!

Wok fried Hokkien noodle. It's served with pork, prawn, and vegetables. The taste was pretty decent, but nothing really special. In my opinion, it's just like an ordinary wok fried noodle, however I love the pork. Nevertheless, the portion was huge for 2-3 persons.

Overall, I really enjoyed my dinner at Fok Luk Sau. Most of the food are very decent and delicious, in other words, above standard. Yeah Chinese food never fails me, and Fok Luk Sau has become one of my favorite Chinese Restaurant. Don't forget to order the pork things here, and for you who don't eat pork things, don't worry, they serve a wide variety menu of Chinese food, such as chicken, beef, seafood, etc. For the price, I think it's reasonable and quite affordable, compared to other Chinese restaurants and their food are awesome. Moreover, the place is pretty classy and dominated with wooden furniture and red things. The service was fast and friendly too. Well, do give them a try! Great Cantonese cuisine, Great place!

Fok Luk Sau
Wisma 46, Ground Floor # 06
Ph: 021- 251 2833   

Dill Gourmet Cafe

Dill Gourmet Cafe isn't a new addition to Plaza Indonesia's restaurant list. I've been to here several times before, for their coffee and cakes, but haven't got a chance to write a review yet. This time, I tried their food so I decided to make a review. So here you go :

Miso Gindara with Potato Puree (95k). It's basically baked gindara served with potato puree, grilled asparagus, mushrooms, buttered peas, slow roast tomatoes, and pesto sauce. Start from the gindara itself, unfortunately it was a bit fishy for me. Thankfully the pesto sauce could minimize that. I love the potato puree texture which is so soft and smooth.

Rustic Wagyu Lasagna (65k). Minced wagyu beef, mixed with garlic and onion, layered into classic lasagna. This is the star of the day. I really like the minced wagyu beef, cooked perfectly with beautiful layered traditional lasagna, taste pretty good. The portion was so generous, even with creamy flavor, it maked me super full.

Banana Cream Pie. Banana Cream layered with bananas in a pie shell, topped with a hint of cinammon cream. I love banana cream dessert. And this pie is pretty nice, but the texture of the pie might be a bit tough.

Overall, although there's nothing special with the food which will make a regular here, the rustic wagyu lasagna is a decent choice if you're here. The place is so small, but I love the comfort homey ambiance here, to have coffee and desserts with your friends. I was also amazed that this small cafe serve various main courses, which aren't easily found at other cafe. The service is super nice yet friendly. For the price, is affordable and resonable. FYI, they not only serve main course such as the kind of things I ordered, but they also serve snacks, pasta, pizza, sandwich, coffee, cakes, many more... and healthy drinks. Next time I come here, I'll give the cold-pressed juice a try!

Dill Gourmet Cafe
Plaza Indonesia Level Basement #F43
Ph: 021- 2992 4512

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