Shirayuki - New Menu

7:00 PM

Shirayuki is one of my favorite desserts house. They always offer new innovation, such as new creative and unique desserts menu. And I always like to come back to try 'em. Here is the new eye-catching dessert menu I wanna share with you people :

Midori Splash (115k). Green tea FONDUE! Served with 8 scoops of ice cream, fruits, mochis, marshmallows, red velvet cakes, etc. Well, Shirayuki is super innovative, this is such a unique dessert presentation, isn't it? I bet you will rarely find this pretty fondue things at other places. Back to the point, the fondue is so pretty and I think everyone at that time were looking at my table! The green tea is nice, I could taste it well. And.. the ice cream were all good. The other things such as fruits, mochis, etc. were okay. All ingredients were fresh and which I like the most is the RED VELVET CAKES! Ah it's so amazing. Moreover, dip it into the green tea fondue, plus the ice cream and geez.. this is so good on my mouth! Unfortunately, for the fondue, green tea is the only one available at the moment. Hopes they will serve another fondue! Good job, Shirayuki :)

Rukan Emerald PIK
Ph: 021- 240 80570

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