Coffee Cup by Chérie (new look)

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I accidentally saw Coffee Cup by Chérie @coffeecupjkt instagram post which is about their "new look", bigger-simpler-cuter.
And I was really excited to see the new look after the renovation. When the first time I came here, the place was so tiny and now. Please welcome the all-new Coffee Cup by Chérie!! Cheers.

I'll start with their interior. JiF fell in love with every little things here :

The coffees were served on my table :

Mocha Macchiatto (around 35k). I can't resist this cutie bear latte art on my mocha macchiatto!! Uber cute. Anyway I'm not a coffee lover so I can't judge about coffee, but for my tounge this mocha macchiatto was decent enough. As a macchiatto, it didn't taste so strong.

Caramel Macchiatto (around 35k). My favorite coffee so far, I always order this when I come into a  coffee shop, because I'm not into coffee and I don't really like strong coffee. And yes, they use the famous Tanamera coffee, so no doubt the taste never goes wrong. 

Overall, Coffee Cup by Chérie has brilliant ideas according to their new look after the renovation. Really. Bigger-simpler-cuter. They bring the simple yet minimalist concept into the beautiful interior design. Moreover, these days, white, wood, simple, and minimalist things are very popular in instagram. I think they successfully made me fell in love with every little things I found here. Lastly, I have to say Coffee Cup by Chérie is such a hidden gem that you should visit when you pass Senayan area. Well done!

Coffee Cup by Chérie
Rukan Permata Senayan E 20/21
Ph: 021- 2400 6507

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