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Portico Terrace Bistro by Opco is located at Senayan City Ground Floor, you can easily find it because its location which is near the front lobby, with extensive glass design. First impression is the place has a good ambience even though the non-smoking area isn't too big. The semi-outdoor and outdoor area are for the smoking one, and both area have more eye-catching terrace theme interior, which makes you feel comfortable to chill or just have chit chat with your friends.

Lychee Iced Tea. My comfort drink at anywhere, anytime. They're quite generous with 3pcs of lychees while at other restaurants they only put 2pcs or even 1.

Potato chips. They gave me potato chips as complimentary since I ordered 2 steak dishes that take time. Well, it was just okay even though a bit too salty.

Pan Fried Salmon Steak (145k). Sous vide salmon steak served in hollandaise sauce with herbed mashed potatoes and bruschetta. One word to describe it, DELISH! It's one of the best salmon steak I had so far. The salmon steak was cooked very well, however the skin was a bit overcooked but it was surprisingly very crispy! I loveee it. Unfortunately, I didn't like the hollandaise sauce, for me it wasn't a perfect match for the salmon. The herbed mashed potatoes were okay along with the bruschetta.

Cajun Tenderloin Steak (225k). Grilled 200gr tenderloin marinated in cajun spices served with mixed green salad and mushroom sauce. A consequence as a food blogger is sometimes when you take a picture too long, your food won't taste good anymore. So I ordered the medium-well and I took around 10mins taking picture, it turned out to be well-done. Luckily, the tenderloin steak was still great I could taste the cajun spices well, with juicy and tender texture, perfectly accompanied with mushroom sauce. I love the pretty presentation here, just like the salmon steak, the steak was placed on top of the mashed potatoes, making it simple as beautiful as fine-dining dish.

Portico Terrace Bistro
Senayan City, Ground Floor
Ph: 021- 7278 1787

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3 komentar

  1. Looks like a wonderful place! The presentations look beautiful! :)

  2. Looks like a wonderful place! The presentations look beautiful! :)

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