Bottlenose Shack

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Let me introduce you to the newest addition 'summer-vibe' themed restaurant at Central Park Mall, named Bottlenose Shack. Basically, they just re-brand the restaurant from a container themed café in Grogol area to a summer conceptual restaurant with beach and shack atmosphere. The founder of Bottlenose Shack is a food expertise who were the co-founder of the famous pancake restaurant chain in Jakarta. Let's try her Mexican fusion creation here!

Mushroom Frittos with Mixed Salad Honey Mustard. Fried mushroom served with parmesan cheese, tar-tar dipping sauce, fresh salad and honey mustard. The fried mushroom was fried very well, not-oily, and crispy enough. It's such a nice starter!

Beef Fajitas with Soft Tortilla. Sliced beef steak served with mushroom, paprika, salsa, guacamole, sour cream, taco seasoning, and soft tortilla skin. The beef steak was grilled and seasoned well with a hint of paprika, even though there were some parts weren't juicy enough. As you can see on my pics, you have to put the beef inside the soft tortilla skin, take a little guacamole and sour cream into it, and roll it by yourself to try the Mexican fusion twist. If you're not into tortilla things, you could just enjoy the beef itself.

Grilled Chicken Cajun Lemon Rice. Lemon rice with grilled chicken, cajun seasoning, sweet corn, mix paprika, onion, mushroom, guacamole, salsa and sour cream. Honestly, I wasn't a sour food lover but this lemon rice was an exception. It was surprisingly good, not too sour and balanced well with the grilled tender chicken. My tips are mix all the toppings there with the lemon rice and enjoy it while it's warm.

Lilac Ginger (lemon juice, ginger ale, blue tea) & Passion Dash (passion fruit, blue curacao). Sour yet refreshing! Suitable for hot summer vibes.

London Fog Croffle. Croffle served with London fog sauce, vanilla ice cream, and granola. The unique innovation brought by the founder- croffle. Croffle itself is a waffle made from croissant dough, so you'll taste a more chewy waffle than other ordinary waffle. Actually it was hardly to cut the waffle, but maybe it was just because I took a longer time to take a picture. So you'd better enjoy it right after it was served on your table. 

Bottlenose Shack
Tribeca Park Ground Floor (next to VIN+)
Central Park Mall
Ph: 021- 29200134

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