JiF would like to thank to God for His big and never-ending blessings for JiF. JiF couldn’t be more grateful of these overwhelming blessings. Not to show off, but JiF is nothing without GOD. And here are the awesome blessings which are given from God so far :

- Invited by an extensive range of remarkable restaurants in Jakarta
- Received many vouchers from various restaurants in Jakarta
- 1st winner of Puyo Silky Drink Contest by Puyo Desserts August 2014
- 2nd winner of Puyography Contest by Puyo Desserts May 2014

- Featured on PS Magazine October 2014 
- Featured on De'Journal Magazine #2 May 2015
- Featured on GoGirl! Magazine April 2016
- Featured at some events
- many more to be grateful. Amen.

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