Disclaimers - Invitations

Disclaimers of Invitations :
JiF is run only by an individual food blogger and thus, there might be times when your invitation is rejected. For this reason, JiF expresses its most sincere apology.

- JiF will try to reply to your invitation emails as soon as possible
- JiF will make an appointment with the contact person of the restaurant based on the email
- JiF will post some of the food photos on instagram and write a review on the blog within maximum of 1-2 weeks after the visit
- JiF will not delete the instagram post and the blog review
- JiF will base the review on JiF's own tastebud
- JiF is commited to write a different review should there be changes on the taste, presentation and price of the food, service, interior, ambiance, etc. on future visits
- JiF is not willing to write any review on the blog if the food and the service are terrible
- JiF is neither a journalist, a professional photographer, nor a real food critic
- JiF usually accepts invitation valid for 2 

* These Disclaimers may be subject to change at any time, without prior notice.
For further information about the rate, don't hesitate to contact us via email : jakartainfood@yahoo.com or jakartainfood@gmail.com

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