Rumah Kayu @ Gading Serpong

9:35 PM

Hi, people and food lovers! Long time no post :D I was busy at school actually, and I sometimes ate at several restaurants but didn't take any pictures. Okay, let's post again. This time, a sundanese restaurant :)

Gurame Goreng Kipas (around 50k). I like this fried fish so damn much, really. The texture is good, not too much oil. It's so crunchy and for whom don't like fish will like it :9 I think they use a very big frying pan. I recommend this one at this restaurant. 

Udang Bakar Kecap (around 30k). I'm sorry I didn't take the picture well. But, it's very delicious. I felt the ingredients so much. They cooked it very well. I recommend (Y)

Ayam Panggang Special Rumah Kayu (around 15k/ pcs). First impression is very delicious. Smell so good. Yeah that's right! I recommend this! They cooked it well again, it's really nice.

Kangkung Terasi (around 10k). Hmmm just like the other kangkung terasi or belachan. It tasted good for me. Not too hot and nice sauce.

Fruit Punch (around 15k). The drinks menu are all cheap for me. hehe. And I tried this one, fruit punch. It's such a fresh drink. I had lunch at that time, so freshing!

Well, overall I like this restaurant and I recommend this one. I love the atmosphere and the interior, you can choose whether at usual table and chair or at lesehan. They have many saung here, so you can feel the village atmosphere right? It's a peaceful restaurant and you can bring your family or friends to have lunch and enjoy there for just talking and chatting. The service was also good and fast. FYI, they also have a children playground, so don't worry just bring your family there. Recommended (Y)

Rumah Kayu
Jl. Ki Hajar Dewantara SKL 002 Gading Serpong (belakang Sekolah Pahoa)
Tel: 021- 542 12011

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