Hakata Ikkhousha (Ramen House)

6:33 PM

Hello again. Meet me again. This is a popular ramen house, located in North Jakarta, at Muara Karang area. If you wanna come to this restaurant, please come earlier. Trust me, the queue is very long every day, especially on lunch time. Let's check it out :9

Chicken Tan-tan Ramen (around 40k). Heeeemm the taste was so very very good. The chicken was also good, with thin texture. The soup was aaahh extremely delicious. Love it so damn much :P

Pork Tan-tan Ramen (around 45k). This is as same as the previous one. The only thing that makes them different is the meat. Honestly, I prefer this one, with the pork. It's better and it's more delicious for me. More mantabs (Y)

Pork Meat (maybe around 30k). This is the same with pork in the ramen. I ordered this one just for iseng. Yeah, they sliced the pork very thin. Nice.

Overall, I highly recommended this ramen house. In my opinion, it's the most delicious ramen I ever ate in Jakarta. The owner of the restaurant is a japanese, so don't hesitate about their taste of the food, original from Japan. The service, the friendliness of the waitress, the food are all very good. Just come here earlier if you don't wanna wait.

Hakata Ikkhousha
Jl. Muara Karang Raya 85, Jakarta Utara
Tel: 021-6667 0588

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  1. love their pork meat and eggs!!



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