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Hello! This is JiF's first food journey. For you who haven't known about JiF, kindly check Jakarta in Food's instagram @jakartainfood :) Let's check this restaurant!

Hi all! JiF is here :D

Otterhound Chicken Wings (40k). This appetizer come first to my table. First look I think it's just an usual chicken wings dish. But I was wrong, these chicken wings were so good. They marinated the chicken so the taste was good, and not too salty. The smell was also good too, because they use fish sauce.

Miss Saigon (55k). This is one of Thailand's special dish. Actually I wasn't really excited because it was "dry". But when I asked the waitress, they said yeah that's miss saigon, that's it. Miss saigon is rice vermicelli with grilled chicken, boiled shrimps, fish balls, shrimp balls, sprinkled with crushed peanut. *Note: the clear soup on the photo was the Minced beef with sweet basil and hot chilies soup. I used it for my miss saigon because I felt weird to eat rice vermicelli dry. Actually, I like the fish and shrimp balls, they were fresh and tasty. Maybe this is good for people who like Thailand's signature cuisine. In Otterhound, this dish is their signature dish.

Minced Beef with Sweet Basil and Hot Chilies (65k). This is the most popular street style dish. Served with fried egg, rice, and clear soup. This dish is very simple, but tasty. The minced beef was cooked well.

Spicy Spaghetti Thai Style (60k). Stir-fried spaghetti with beef, chilies, fresh peppercorns, and basil leaves. Actually you can choose between beef, chicken, and seafood. I like this spaghetti, it really showed me about the thailand's cuisine with italian fusion, although it was a little bit spicy for me.

I like their wall decoration and also their nice sofa and chairs. Simple but so attractive.

Overall, I like this simple restaurant with good food and nice interior. The atmosphere was actually good, if they can seperate the non-smoking and smoking area. When I came here, it was around 2pm and still crowded, so I had to sit at the sofa (smoking area). I didn't feel comfort, but after my dishes come to my table, thank God many people finished and go. So I wasn't too annoyed with smoking area. I hope Otterhound could find out the solution for this. Anyway, they provide good service and I recommend this restaurant for you to have lunch/ dinner destination. Thai and Italian collaboration ;)

Lotte Shopping Avenue GF 18 Ciputra World
Ph: 021- 298 89070

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