Laughing Stock Grill

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Hello everyone! Long time no post. Sorry I've been busy. This is my first review in 2014. New year, new restaurant. Let me start a review with this new restaurant in Jakarta, South Jakarta.

Pan Fried Salmon (120k). Pan fried norwegian trout with baby tomato, spinach, enoki, ginger flakes, and miso broth. I love salmon so much, especially the pan fried one. This ONE is ONE of the BEST SALMON I ever tried in Jakarta. Believe me, the salmon was cooked well and the skin was crunchy. I was hesitate when the dish arrived at my table, because of the miso broth. But after tried it, I was just like oh this one is so so good. Definitely will drool about this :9

US  Hanger Steak (110k). Seared 200gr US hanger steak with caramelized onion, mashed potato, and sauteed vegetables. Well the beef cuts was pretty. I like the presentation very well, because I'm a type of a lazy person to cut a steak. You know what I mean. Haha. Back to the point, I really like the beef, the beef was very tender and juicy. But I don't know why my tounge didn't like the sauce, I felt that it didn't match for the tender and juicy beef. "Sayang sekali" if the sauce is great, it will be a very great dish.

Uncle Romy's Hot Plate Brownies (55k). I need a new vocabulary to describe how extremely delicious is this. This is ONE of the BEST dessert I ever tried, I don't lie to you. I think there's no restaurant which serve dessert like this. It was very unique, as we know it's a brownies topped with ice cream (cold yeah) served on a (hot) plate. It was GREAT.SERIOUSLY.

Well, I was very happy and satisfied visiting this new restaurant. Even this restaurant is quite far from my house, but it all was paid with their food. The atmosphere was great, classic but comfortable. The service was also great, they were kind and friendly with customers. I'm waiting for their new branch in other area :)

Laughing Stock Grill
Jl. Cipete Raya no. 7BC South Jakarta
Ph: 021- 75913285/86

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