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Hello 2015! This is my very first review in 2015. Burgerous- Burgers & More. From its name, I beg you'll know that it's a burger joint. Yes, Burgerous is a newly opened burger joint with unique concept which is different with other burger joint. Located at Taman Ratu area, I think this place is full-packed at lunch and dinner time, since its location at the strategic Taman Ratu road, near some schools and housing complex. If you're in Taman Ratu area, you should notice this eye-catching yellow 'B' sign, combined with minimalist black. Anyway, let's check out their delicacies :

First, I'll start with their signature drinks :

Durian Iced Tea (M 15k, L 18k). Durian flavored iced tea. I found it's pretty unique, because I haven't found any flavored iced tea with durian, usually it comes with lychee, apple, or any other fruits. And yes, the durian iced tea tastes nice, even though I couldn't really taste the durian. I think it's because the ice cubes were already melting, while I was busy taking photos :P

Passion Fruit Mocktail (M 18k, L 22k). I never say no to passion fruit and I love this passion fruit mocktail! It's so refreshing.

Jucy Lucy (55k). It actually stands for the Juicy Lucy, a classic cheeseburger. The cheeseburger itself has melted cheese inside the beef patty. Can you imagine in every bite, the melting cheese sensation in your mouth? Sounds so interesting right? The beef patty was juicy and tender, savory enough and delish. The size of the burger for me as a girl is okay, I think it's a standard size, I meant I was full enough tho, but maybe for boys it's quite smaller than other burger joint. FYI, they don't serve their burgers with tomato, to avoid making the taste down. Jucy Lucy is their signature burger, while dine in here, it's a must :)

Fried Cheese Burger (50k). Deep fried burger served with beef patty, cheese, lettuce, and special sauce. The fried burger bun was okay, not oily at all. The beef patty is also great, delicious, juicy and tender as the Jucy Lucy ones. I like the combination of little bit sweet taste with the savory beef and salted cheese. I found its unique taste, different with the ordinary cheese burger. In my opinion, the Jucy Lucy wins my heart. If you ask me to choose between these two, I'd prefer the Jucy Lucy because of the melted cheese sensation and I also think it's healthier because the bun wasn't deep fried. But you should give this fried cheese burger a try too ;)

Make it a combo - Fries + Iced Tea
with only M - 15k or L - 18k 
I like their fries. Crunchy and not oily at all. All the sauces are homemade, I recommend the calypso and green chipotle sauces.

French Toast with Ice Cream (40k). The french toast was okay, the sweetness is balanced with the kaya jam, nuts, and maple syrup. The only thing I dislike is the portion is too generous.

Here are the interiors :

Special thanks to Burgerous - Mr. Mario & Ms. Grace for inviting JiF :)

Overall, I really love their simple yet minimalist concept, which looks like industrial theme (the cargo thing sign & wall and the brick wall) and dominated with yellow things and wooden furniture. For the food, I think their burgers are nice, but not yet awesome. Yeah it's understandable, you can't expect too much with 5 bucks burger. Anyway, the price is might quite pricey for students, but I think it's worth it since the size is standard, the burger quality and also the taste is not bad. The uniqueness element is highlighted, from its presentation tho, I love the 'B' stamp on the top of the buns. Honestly, I'm not a fan or burger, your taste might be different with mine. FYI, they only use Australian beef and high quality ingredients. The waitress were super friendly, every restaurant must have that, evenmore if it's newly opened. The order method is just like junk food system, that you have to order and pay at the cashier. Lastly, I see that they try to give a different and unique touch at their burger joint, from its interior and its burgers, ohh I love their branding work. If you're in Taman Ratu area and don't have any idea what to eat and chill with your friends, Burgerous could be your choice- good ambiance and free wifi!

Taman Ratu Blok D11 no.24

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