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Japanese food is one of the famous cuisine around the world, as we can easily find in Jakarta, there's lot of Japanese restaurants. Few days ago, JiF was invited to try an authentic Japanese Restaurant located at PIK area, called OHKA. FYI, at first, they specialize in ramen, but as time went by they serve another authentic Japanese food which has original and traditional taste. No doubt, many Japanese people pay a visit to here. Anyway, here are their delicacies :

I'll start with the appetizer...

Sausage Kushiage (30k). Deep fried breaded sausage, served with fresh salad. I have to say this is not an ordinary sausage. I really like the texture, so crunchy outside and not oily at all. The presentation is also nice, as they make it cute mini skewers. The taste? Delish! Don't forget to dip it in the special sauce. *Note : this appetizer isn't halal, it contains pork.

Gindara Teriyaki (50k). Fried gindara with teriyaki sauce, completely served with white rice, miso soup, fresh salad, and pickles. Oh I love this! This gindara teriyaki tastes so delicious. The gindara is cooked perfectly, and not fishy at all. I like how crispy the fish, dipped with the teriyaki sauce, and eat it with hot white rice. YUM! :9

Kitsune Udon (50k). Thick udon noodle served with fried bean curd. A simple yet comfort Japanese dish. I could taste the natural dashi based soup stock, moreover the springy udon. Basically, nothing really special with this dish, and unfortunately the fried bean curd was too sweet for me. But I think the warm udon with the dashi taste soup will be perfect for a raining day.

Mochi ice cream - cheesecake and strawberry. I really love the very cute, colorful yet eye-catching mochi ice cream!! It's such a nice presentation. The mochi icecream itself is so scumptious, even it maked my tounge say : " I can't stop eat this :P "

A refreshing cold ocha. Free refill.

Here are the interiors : 

Special thanks to OHKA - Ms. Rissa & Ms. Sonia for inviting JiF :)

Overall, I think OHKA is a great restaurant where you can find authentic Japanese food with original traditional taste. As the chef originally come from Japan, no doubt many Japanese people come to here. For the food, overall is decent, especially the gindara teriyaki. The price is also reasonable and not too expensive. The interior is simply decorated with Japanese ornaments, and dominated with wooden furniture. The place is quite bigger than other restaurants near it, because it's located on the corner. The service is just okay. FYI, OHKA Japanese Restaurant provides the best possible ingredients for their authentic Japanese taste. So if you're heading in PIK area and crave for authentic Japanese food, OHKA is a nice choice.

OHKA Japanese Restaurant
Rukan Emerald Golf no.1, Bukit Golf Mediterania PIK
Ph: 021- 290 31696

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  1. It's incredible how you can really taste great food sometimes. We cleaned up the meal at San Francisco restaurants which was cooked perfectly, sat on a kale salad, and probably was my favorite thing all night. If offered, I would go again here.


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