Fok Luk Sau (revisited)

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Fok Luk Sau at Wisma 46 is always be my family's favorite Chinese restaurant. Why? Simply because all the food are delicious. Not many people know about this restaurant, so I called them a hidden gem, and hidden gem has always served good food. And now, I'd like to make a review for the second time and I never get bored to come back here. Chinese food people! Here you are.....
I'll start with some of their dimsum!

Rice Roll with Dough Fritter "You Tiao". The cheong fen itself was good enough and mixed well with the you tiao even though it wasn't fried well and not crispy at all. Thank the cheong fen and the sauce are a nice combination.

Steamed Custard Bun. Uhhh it's so tempting, isn't it? Well, from outside, it looks like just an ordinary steamed bun, but when you see the inside, you'll definitely put it into your mouth! The custard bun was really nice and the texture was soft, unfortunately the custard filling wasn't melted like I expected. I don't know whether it's because its their style or it was failed.

Shanghai Pork Dumpling "Xiao Long Bao". Yuhuuu my favorite dimsum all the time. As you can see from the photos above, I should admit their XLB was damn good! The pork broth was really great. Recommended guys! One of the best XLB you can find in Jakarta.

Braised chicken with wine, vinegar, soya sauce, and basil in clay pot. I often order this dish, because my family loves it. The braised chicken has a strong unique taste, since they use various ingredients to make it tangy and mouth-watering. Do give it a try! It was such a delicious dish.

Simmered spinach with 3 types of eggs in superior stock. When it came to my table, I wasn't sure it's good, because from its presentation it might not appetizing. Actually I wanna order the 2 flavors Kailan, but it was out of stock :( But surprisingly it was not bad and not fishy at all (the eggs).

Braised home made bean curd with mushrooms and vegetables. Still in love with the bean curd's soft texture, even though this time the sauce was a bit tasteless. The mushrooms and vegetables are so generous, almost cover all the bean curd. Still a decent dish.

Fok Luk Sau BBQ Meat Combination (5 types). The combination consists of Roasted duck, Cha siew, Beef shank, Boiled traditional chicken. What I love the most is the Cha siew, it tastes really really good. However all the meats were delish and above standard in my opinion. All the meats were juicy and tender. Maybe for the roasted duck, they should make the skin crispy and add more taste to the boiled traditional chicken. All the time fav!

Anyway, you can also read my first review about Fok Luk Sau here.

Fok Luk Sau
Wisma 46, Ground Floor # 06
Ph: 021- 251 2833

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