St. Germain by Cacaoté (revisited)

7:00 PM

JiF always falls in love with St. Germain's beautiful interior, and when he was in Grand Indonesia, he decided to have lunch here for the second time. Scroll down to find out his food journey here
 Lychee Iced Tea and Hawaiian Shore. Both are refreshing!

Caesar Salad (75k). Baby romaines, yoghurt sumac dressing, grilled chicken. Classic caesar salad was my appetizer comfort food. And here, I found it was very tasty. Not only the generous portion, the delish taste are the plus points!

Wild Mushroom Soup (60k). Chives chantilly, mini brioche. At my first visit, the soup was complimented with 2 mini brioches, and now as you can see, it was served with 3 mini brioches. I'm just wondering why this happened. Haha. Well, this soup was a decent soup for my tounge.

Oxtail & Spinach Rice (95k). Oxtail chili corn carne. Based on my tastebud, I wasn't impressed at all with this dish. The concept was actually nice, but the fact was below my expectation. Honestly, the only good thing is the unique spinach rice. I hardly found the oxtail, the oxtail portion wasn't generous at all. The taste was just okay, not spicy and well, nothing special with this dish.

Chargrilled Cajun Chicken (105k). Fatoush salad, parsley potato, rosemary jus. It tasted pretty wise, much better than the previous dish. The chicken was so juicy and tender, even though I found some parts were still quite pink. The salad is lack of dressing, this is what I dislike tho. The parsley potato was surprisingly good enough. Don't forget to pour the sauce, because it really made the chicken tastier than with no sauce.

Matcha Opera. I'm not a matcha fan actually, but I found this was just okay. Pardon me!

Dark Chocolate Hazelnut. The cake is so beautiful, moreover the eye-catching color and shape. I could taste the chocolate very well, and it was like melted in your mouth.

Anyway, you can also read my first review about St. Germain here.

St. Germain by Cacaoté
Grand Indonesia UG Fl. East Mall
Ph: 021- 2358 0018

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