Fok Luk Sau (revisited again)

8:21 PM

Long time not post the review (I was super busy with uni and other things), here I give you the review to one of my favorite Chinese restaurant, where you can have yumcha (dimsum) and also lunch/ dinner along with your family with good Chinese food and good ambiance.

Deep fried beancurd spring roll with shrimp & chives (around 20k). Each portion comes with 3 pcs of beancurd spring rolls. I like how crispy its texture was, and moreover the generous shrimp fillings made it good. 

Shanghai pork dumpling "Xiao Long Bao" (around 22k). XLB is one of my favorite dimsum dish, and I never miss it in every dimsum places. I have to admit this one was so good, the broth filling just made my day brighter. Really, a must-try.

Fok Luk Sau BBQ Meat Combination (around 220k). The combination consists of roasted duck, roasted chicken, and jelly fish with spicy sauce. My favorites goes to the roasted chicken, it was crispy outside and tender inside. The roasted duck was just okay, well-seasoned and the jelly fish was okay. Anyway, the portion was great to share with your family.

Stir-fried Hongkong Kailan in 2 flavors (around 80k). The Hongkong kailan was cooked in 2 ways, the leaves was fried with garlic and chillis; and the stem parts was stir-fried with garlic. I love their unique concept to make this as a great vegetable dish. One thing I missed, it was a bit too salty. But still okay.

Deep fried beancurd stuffed with minced chicken. I forgot the price, but this dish was acceptable and just okay. The beancurd was soft and smooth, the minced chicken was combined with fried eggs on the hotplate.

Braised chicken with wine, vinegar, soya sauce and basil in claypot (around 80k). It was delicious yet flavorful with nice aroma. The basil aroma was very dominant and made me drool now!

Almond pudding with longan and sago (around 30k). I almost never skip dessert on my lunch. Almond pudding is a common dessert dish which is served at many Chinese restaurants. When I tried this at Fok Luk Sau, it was surely one of the best I ever had. You guys gotta try it!

Fok Luk Sau
Wisma 46, Ground Floor # 06
Ph: 021- 251 2833

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