Shirayuki - Christmas 2015

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It's Christmas time! The most wonderful time of the year. Well, I'm always amazed with Shirayuki's super creative team that always make uber cute seasonal dessert. Each season, different theme. For you who haven't tried dining at Shirayuki, then you should do it now at this holiday season, they currently have 2 outlets; PIK and Taman Anggrek Mall. Now, it's time for me to show you my post-Christmas lunch at Shirayuki PIK :

Let's start with the main courses :

Cabe Ijo Bianco (41k). A brilliant idea for pasta lover with Indonesian taste. So it's basically aglio olio spaghetti served with tangy cabe ijo, prawn, mushroom, and eggplant. When it was served on my table, the tangy cabe ijo aroma was really tempting. No doubt, this is my favorite dish at Shirayuki!

Nasi Goreng Cabe Ijo (around 30k). If you're not a pasta lover, you'd like to try this, the decent nasi goreng cabe ijo. The nasi goreng cabe ijo is served with of course, cabe ijo, red chilli, mushroom, eggplant, and little pieces of krupuk. The taste is quite the same with the cabe ijo bianco, pretty decent, and I do like the crunchiness of the krupuk when it came together with the nasi goreng, just add more sensation into your mouth.

Hokkaido Baby Cheese Tart. Accompanied with rose-vanilla hot tea.
I really love the cheese tart, from the presentation I was sure this would be definitely great, and it was true. The cheese tart has flavourful cheesy taste- not too sweet, just enough for me. It has crisp pastry base with soft and moist cheese filling. Moreover, the cheese filling was beautifully melting in my mouth, it's such a great mini cheese tart. Perfect with a cup of hot tea!

Rudolph The Nutty Sandwich. This is their limited edition dessert creation for this year's Christmas. Uber cute, isn't it?
Rudolph is the peanut butter with caramelized nuts ice cream, served with choco brownies topped with Mr. Santa (made of strawberry, marshmallow, and whipped cream), Christmas tree (made of cones with pie), and also caramel popcorn. Note: Everything is edible! So don't worry guys.

Good job Shirayuki! For another super unique creation of Christmas theme dessert dish.

Rukan Emerald PIK
Ph: 021- 240 80570

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