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Birdcage isn't a new comer in café and restaurant areas. I've passed their café few times when I was in Wijaya area but never pay a visit before. Until few days ago, I visited them with my mom to give a try. FYI, it's located at Wijaya strategic street, opposite of SMPN 12. My first impression is that the place is surrounded by glasses but not similar enough with the real birdcage. Nevertheless, I think their concept is quite decent. The weather was nice on that day, and when I sat on the sofa near the glasses, it looked like I was in Puncak or Bandung or any shady places. So cozy! I thought I'd sleep on that sofa.


Herbs Chicken Breast Tagliatelle (79k). A collection herbs marinated chicken, ratatouille, chicken sauce. I have to say the herbs chicken breast was the star of my lunch, it was perfectly marinated and well-seasoned with herbs and spices, great! It was accompanied by tagliatelle pasta and ratatouille. Honestly I think it would be a better dish if they change the pasta with mashed potato and salad- just like chicken steak.

Chicken Cordon Bleu (79k). Breaded chicken stuffed beef bacon and cheese, French fries, chicken jus bordelaise. A classic chicken cordon bleu, unfortunately there was no melting cheese inside the cordon bleu. Even though the portion wasn't generous at all, the French fries was good. Well, I'm a fan of French fries!

Chocolate Melting (46k). Melted chocolate cake with chocolate sauce and a scoop of vanilla ice cream. My all-time dessert dish, it has such a beautiful presentation. But the main thing they missed was that it was overcooked, so it wasn't melting at all. From its name, we should know that it should've be 'melting', well, when I complain it to the waiters, they took it and return it to the kitchen, the chef re-make it but unfortunately, it was overcooked again. I was a bit upset but the waiters were sorry politely and said that the dessert chef didn't come on that day. Okay, understandable.


It's such a super cozy place, isn't it?

Jl. Wijaya 9 No. 23, Melawai
Ph: 021- 739 2430

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