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Goodhood Coffee + Kitchen. I've been stalking their Instagram recently and finally got a chance to pay a visit few days ago. I love that their interior is mostly decorated with wood things. Located at Dipo Business Center, I think their main target is people who work around their neighbourhood. If you aren't familiar with the area, it's located exactly next to Jakarta Design Center (JDC) at Slipi. Well, enough talking, let's start with their interior :

Hot Latte (31k). If you're not a fan of black coffee, try white coffee which is lighter and not as strong as black coffee, such as this hot latte. Not bad!

Lychee Iced Tea (25k). So refreshing!

Nasi Rames GOODHOOD (75k). Grandma's classic braised chicken in special sauce, served with fish satay, tempe orek, and spicy shredded coconut. It's not an ordinary nasi rames, but it was under my expectation. The only thing I like is the braised chicken, well seasoned, juicy, and tender enough. The others were just okay, and the fish satay tasted fishy and a bit weird for my tounge, I didn't know why. 

Oxtail Soup (85k). Indonesian traditional oxtail soup served with steamed rice, sambal, crackers and pickles. Oxtail soup is one of the famous Indonesian dish. The soup was quite rich of spices but a bit too salty. How about the meat? The oxtail meats mostly come with fat and lack of meat as you can see on the photo above.

Manadonese Barramundi Rice (75k). Pan-seared wild barramundi with authentic "dabu-dabu" sambal and vegetables in spicy shredded coconut. Honestly, I think their portion is a bit too small for a man, but pretty enough for a woman. Just like the barramundi rice, the fish meat was so small and I think the price isn't worth it. But surprisingly, the barramundi was not bad along with the dabu-dabu sambal.

Goodhood Coffee + Kitchen
Dipo Business Center, Ruko A1
Jl. Jenderal Gatot Subroto Kav. 51-52
Ph: 021- 2253 0555

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