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Miyagi is a fine Japanese restaurant concept managed by Arena Corps, a leading restaurant group in Indonesia who operates Penang Bistro, Seribu Rasa, Hongkong Café, etc. Miyagi itself has 2 outlets; located at Gandaria City & Lotte Shopping Avenue, and I just heard that they're going to open a new outlet at Lippo Mall Puri. "Classy" was my first impression as I walked into the restaurant.

Fried Salmon Skin (38k). Crunchy deep-fried salmon skin. A nice starter for crunchy lovers, but I think they'd make it better to reduce the flour.

Crunchy Roll (44k). Fried tempura, cucumber, crab meat, pickles, flying fish roe with mayonnaise. Crunchy roll is one of my favorite sushi roll at many Japanese restaurants, and this one was pretty good but not impressive.

Salmon Don (55k). Salmon sashimi with sushi rice. The salmon sashimi was freshly served, accompanied by fragrant sushi rice. I could say the dish is quite unique which I haven't found at any other restaurant.

Tori Karaage Salad (55k). Mixed vegetables, fried chicken with goma sauce dressing. It came with pretty generous portion for sharing with up to 2 persons. The chicken karaage was tasty with nice texture. Unfortunately, the salad was lack of dressing, I once asked the waiter to bring more, but only on a very small plate. When I asked once again, they said it would cost me extra charge. Well, it just reminded me another Japanese restaurant, which generously gave me additional dressing when I asked.

Salmon Cheese Aburi Maki (56k). Half grilled salmon & cheese with mayonnaise. My all-time favorite sushi roll, hmm who doesn't like salmon aburi? I do love the fresh half grilled salmon mixed with cheese and mayonnaise, melted down in my mouth. 8 slices were not enough. Recommended!


Gyu Niku Don (90k). Sliced beef with fried garlic and soft boiled egg, topped with steak sauce. The star of my lunch at Miyagi! I ordered the medium-well for the steak doneness, and yes, the sliced beef was awesome, came with juicy and tender texture along with delicious taste. Anyway the portion was quite generous with a worth-it price. Moreover, the runny egg yolk really added more sensation for the taste. Surely great! Don't forget to order this when you pay a visit to Miyagi. Very recommended!

Lotte Shopping Avenue, 3rd Floor
Ph: 021- 2988 9296

Gandaria City, Mainstreet GF unit #MG 43
Ph: 021- 2923 6808

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