Social Affair Coffee & Bakehouse

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GOOD NEWS! The newest establishment by Cacaoté group, Social Affair is definitely a newly perfect place for brunch located at PIK area. So if you've visited Cacaoté before, you will think about fancy and classy things, but here is totally different. Social Affair (what an unique name!) is a casual & cozy place to have breakfast, brunch, lunch, or even dinner with homey ambience.

Lychee Iced Tea (30k). Fresh brewed iced tea.

Egg Benedict (95k). The classic egg benedict consists of smoked salmon or pork ham (your choice), poached egg, fish roe served with hollandaise sauce and mix salad. Egg benedict is one of my comfort food for brunch, and this one was superb dish! What makes it unique is they used fish roe as topper for the sexy melting poached egg. Actually I wanted to choose the smoked salmon but unfortunately it was sold out.

Steak and Frites (145k). 180gr angus beef striploin served with French fries and mushroom sauce. The meat was tender and juicy enough, accompanied by nice mushroom sauce when the French fries was just okay. Due to lack of sauce, the meat was still good as it was marinated very well.

Martabak Croissant (35k). A must-try when you're here! What a brilliant idea to use martabak flavor for a croissant. Basically it tasted similar like when you eat a martabak, but in croissant texture. The price is affordable since the portion is quite big which comes with generous toppings as you can see on the picture.

Peanut Butter and Jelly Croissant (32k). Personally I prefer the martabak croissant. Although the croissant was a bit overpowered by the jelly, it was still good.

Matcha Lava Croissant (30k). My another favorite goes to the matcha croissant. Anyway, I'm sorry that it wasn't melting anymore because I took some minutes to take a picture of the martabak croissant. So it has to be melting when you cut the croissant right after it was served on your table. The matcha had light taste without overpowering the croissant.

I really enjoyed my brunch here, moreover with their tempting croissant! Their cozy and homey atmosphere makes me comfortable spending hours here. Recommended! Good job Cacaoté, I'm looking for your another establishment!

Social Affair - Coffee & Bakehouse
Ruko Garden House PIK Blok B No. 17-18A
Pantai Indah Kapuk
Ph: 021-  29704981

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