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Last Saturday, I was invited to Sushi Tei to try their new seasonal menu called "Soshun" which means Early Spring, that uses sakura ebi and cheese as their main ingredients. Anyway, this seasonal menu will start from February 24 - April 16, 2017 with 9 special dishes. I got a chance to try 7 out of 9 dishes. So let me introduce 'em.

Ebi Cheese Curry Rice. Prawn with curry cheese rice. Served on a hotplate, this ebi curry cheese rice is a decent choice. I love the curry sauce, it tasted as same as the Sushi Tei's curry udon, what made them different is the cheese rice. Inside the cheese curry rice, you could easily find the sakura ebi. Enjoy it while it's still warm!

Sakura Ebi Salad. Japanese shrimp fresh vegetable salad. The salad was just okay, however the crispy-textured sakura ebi added such an unique taste. Anyway, it has a generous portion as a starter, good to share. In my opinion, Wakame Salad with Sushi Tei's dressing is still the best one.

Sakura Ebi Kyuri Roll. Japanese shrimp and crab stick sushi roll. Honestly, I was a bit hesitate to eat this sushi roll, because of the raw sakura ebi's look. Surprisingly, the taste wasn't as bad as I thought. Dare to try?

Spicy Mentai Spider Roll. Spicy soft shell crab sushi roll. I thought I just found a must-order sushi roll, yes, one of my favorites here. Loving the crispy soft shell crab with the non-spicy mentai sauce. Delish!

Sakura Ebi Cheese Doria. Japanese shrimp and cheese with rice gratin. Hmm it looks so tempting, doesn't it? It's another favorite of mine. Consists of rice with sakura ebi, topped with melted cheese, who can resist this seriously? I could taste the cheese very well, along with the crispy little sakura ebi. Don't take a picture of this too long, it's better to consume it as soon as possible while it's still warm. Well, I'm lovin it :P

Sakura Ebi Wasabi Maki. Spicy Japanese shrimp roll. A challenging dish for me, because I didn't like wasabi. Fortunately, it wasn't too spicy as I thought, but still, I could taste the strong wasabi. Great for wasabi lovers!

Sakura Ebi Chasoba. Cold green tea soba with Japanese shrimp. As you can see, the portion wasn't small, along with the generous sakura ebi. It was served with special sauce and chilli oil. I really love the texture of the green tea soba, but unfortunately the sauce was plain and too light, so I think they should add more flavor. This should've been a great dish actually. Hmm maybe adding soft poached egg as a complimentary isn't a bad idea?

Sushi Tei
Senayan City Mall, 4th Floor #08
Ph: 021- 72781678

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