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12:00 PM

EZO Cheesecakes & Dessert just opened their newest outlet at Taman Anggrek Mall. Nowadays, we can easily find cheese tart and cheese cake at many places. 'Cheese' things would be famous right now since many new brands coming in. Even though I'm not a cheese lover but I was so excited to try 'em here.

The place was quite small, there were only 5 tables, so I recommend for take away. Anyway, the place was decorated with white and blue color, so clean yet classic. Let me start with their cheesecake. From their name, EZO Cheesecakes I think their cheesecakes were the stars. Let's see!

Hokkaido Cheese Cake (35k- per slice). With 4 selection flavors such as original, matcha, oreo, and tiramisu, my favorite goes to the original and matcha. The cake was super soft, smooth, and cheesy. For the price, it maybe a bit pricey for a small sliced cake, despite that, they use high quality ingredients so I think it's okay to give yourself a try! Especially for cheese lovers.

Cheesebomb (12k each). Available flavors : original, tiramisu, earl grey, almond white choco, nutella, caramel, lemon yuzu, blueberry, matcha, oreo, espresso choco praline. All of them were good, pretty cheesy, but some were a bit too sweet and sour. In addition, original flavor was still the best one for my tastebud.

Camembert Cheese Ice Cream (20k). My favorite ice cream right now! Made of the French camembert chesse, I could taste the soft and creamy cheese flavor, cheesy but not overpowered so it was so good! Yummeh.

EZO Cheesecakes & Dessert
Taman Anggrek Mall 2nd Floor
Ph: 021- 21889061

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