Kibo Cheesecake

1:00 PM

Introducing the first molten cheesecake in town! Kibo cheesecake. Yep, the cheesecake phenomenon became the talk of the town recently, with many brands popping out.
Kibo cheesecake has 2 creations : Original molten cheesecake & Matcha molten cheesecake which come with different sizes.

Kibo Large : Original molten (175k) & Matcha molten (190k).
Kibo Mini : Original molten (30k) & Matcha molten (35k).
*For kibo mini they have special sharing package 4pcs for 100k

The cheesecake's texture was soft and fluffy outside, creamy yet moist inside. When I bought the cheesecake, it wasn't melted inside, so I suggest you to enjoy it at home with reheating it in microwave. It has a pretty rich flavor and flavorful aroma.

Honestly, I couldn't distinguish all the cheesecake or cheesetart flavors because they tasted similar. For my tastebud, I prefer the lighter cheesecake.

Kibo Cheesecake
PIK Avenue Mall 2nd Floor (Dotonburi area)
Jakarta Utara
Ph: 08588 999 3788

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