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Sushi...Go! The first one-price sushi restaurant finally opened in Jakarta! Yes, everything is IDR 15k per plate! Located at PIK Avenue Mall, just beside the Dotonburi area, this nice concept one-price sushi restaurant should not be missed. Not only because it's affordable, but also you can eat as much as you want without worry. The restaurant's modern minimalist interior was dominated with wooden things and yellow color. There's also sushi bar right in front of your seat.

They have a wide variety of Japanese food, such as appetizer, salad, sashimi, sushi, sushi roll, agemono, gunkan, maki, and desserts with one-price IDR 15k per plate (before tax & service) with FREE Wasabi, Ginger, and Tea.

Salmon Teriyaki Sauce

Aburi Salmon Cheese Roll

Aburi Salmon Blackpepper

Ebi Furai Spicy Mayo

Aburi Beef Sushi

All the dishes I ordered were not bad, which came with fresh ingredients and decent taste. Even though the portion might be small, but they provide quality and freshness for the food they served. My favorites were the aburi salmon blackpepper and aburi beef sushi.

PIK Avenue Mall 2nd Floor
Jakarta Utara
Ph: 021- 2257 0245

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