Piring Emas

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Piring Emas is a classic yet modern Indonesian restaurant which served a wide variety of Indonesian cuisine, especially Javanese food. They just recently launched several new dishes and JiF got a first chance to try 'em. The restaurant itself wasn't spacious, decorated with classy modern style interior. Let's go to the food :

Nasi Selamet. Nasi selamet consists of 3 types of rices : coconut rice, yellow rice, and red rice, served with 3 special chilis : terasi, bawang, and cabe ijo; grilled chicken, potato fritters, spicy crispy fish, beef, eggs, soybean cake, and fresh raw vegetable. I like the idea of the 'sharing plate' where you can try everything on it with your 3-4 friends. Everything was okay, except the beef that was a tough, the spicy fish that wasn't crispy at all, and the soybean cake that was a bit too dry.

Nasi Liwet. It's similar with the previous nasi selamet, but this one only had one type of rice : nasi liwet. Not only accompanied with the 3 types of chilis, but also served with various compliments such as fried chicken, urap, soybean cake, and sate lilit. The liwet rice were nicely flavorful, along with the tender fried chicken. Talking about the portion, it's enough to share it with 3-4 persons.

Gurame Bakar Rica. My favorite among all dishes. The gurame fish were perfectly grilled with soft texture, not fishy at all and well-marinated with the soy sauce and ingredients, moreover if you like spicy food, the rica chilis were the bomb! Love it.

Popcorn Chicken Ricebowl. Fried chicken with hot chilis served with white rice and egg. The fried chicken wasn't oily at all, but has a very spicy taste. If you're a spicy lover, you'll definitely love it.

Garang Asem. Unfortunately, I only taste oily thing instead of the sour taste. Even though the broth was oily and not spicy at all, the ribs were juicy and tender enough.

Gurame Goreng Rica. It looks very appetizing, however, it's different with my favorite grilled gurame rica, this fried gurame disappointed me. The meat was a bit fishy and not crispy enough, but the sauce was nice.

Ayam Bakar Rica. My another favorite of the day! The chicken was grilled into perfection, with well-marinated sauce and rica chilis made it much better. As you can see on the picture, the rica chilis were the same one with the grilled gurame rica. I guess they're specialized in grilled dish!

Sambal Udang Petai. The shrimp was just okay whereas the chilis had too much oil.

Nasi Pedas Bali. In my opinion, it's a very simple dish that needs some improvements. The spicy rice tasted similar with ordinary fried rice but with too much oil. If you're meant to order this, I suggest you to order another dishes to accompany this dish.

Some of the new dishes that unfortunately I didn't try :

Piring Emas
Lippo Mall Puri 1st Floor #95
Ph: 021- 30493000

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