Seribu Rasa & Maison Tatsuya

7:00 PM

Few days ago, JiF was honored to be invited to the grand opening of Seribu Rasa & Maison Tatsuya at Central Park Mall, managed by Arena Group. Located at the ex-location of the old Maison Tatsuya and Hongkong Café (HKC)- which was also the member of the restaurant group, they came with a new face of Seribu Rasa & Maison Tatsuya. FYI, the location was divided into 2 parts with connected interior, however you can't order dishes from restaurant besides. Let's see their new look!

 Seribu Rasa
Seribu Rasa

Grilled Lemongrass Chicken (105k). Grilled chicken, marinated in aromatic herbs served with satay sambal. Honestly, this is the most eye-catching dish so far. It's very unique that they used lemongrass for the chicken meat, reminded me with satay. The chicken meat was tender enough and well marinated with spices, even though I didn't like the fat/ skin part. 

Black Pepper Squid Malioboro (83k). Crispy squid sautéed with bell pepper, onion, and black pepper sauce. The main star of all dishes! At first, I didn't realize it was squid, yes I meant I never found a very crispy squid which was already sautéed. Crispy and delish are the best two words to describe it. Recommended!

Jimbaran Fried Fish (market price). Deep fried tiger grouper or soon hock fish dressed in Bali style sweet and spicy sauce. In my opinion, even the deep fried fish was not fishy at all, it wasn't well-marinated enough because it lacked of sauce and they should make it crispier. The fish meat itself was freshly served which is good, so they just need to give a stronger taste to it.

Lembayung Sparkling (55k). Lime juice, monin lychee, monin lavender. So refreshing!

Semilir Brastagi (50k). Strawberry, mint leaf, cranberry juice, monin grenadine. Not a fan of berry fruit families, but this one pretty good.

Maison Tatsuya

In here, you can choose between 2 sides : grill or teppan? It's up to you.

Korean Spicy Grilled Chicken (69k). Teppan style grilled chicken with Korean spicy sauce. The grilled chicken came with pretty presentation (on a hot pan) and generous portion. It was juicy and tender enough moreover with pretty nice taste, but it wasn't spicy at all like its name.

Haemultang Jjigae (80k). The Korean style soup came with various seafood and vegetables. The soup broth was pretty good, not fish at all, and all the seafood were freshly served with non-spicy Korean soup.

Let it burn, burn, burn!!!

The beef was very juicy and tender, lovin' the texture! Anyway, don't forget to dip in into the beef sauce or it'll be tasteless.

I was very entertained with the chef's skill and performance. Nevertheless, unfortunately the fried rice was a bit tasteless when the aroma was very tempting.

They have free desserts corner for everyone who dines at Maison Tatsuya! So what are you waiting for? Bring your family here!

Seribu Rasa
Central Park Mall 1st Floor Unit L1-112B
Ph: 021- 56985378

Maison Tatsuya
Central Park Mall 1st Floor Unit L1-112B
Ph: 021- 56985557

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