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Putu Made is the newest member of the famous Boga Group which is located at 5th Floor at Senayan City Mall, just besides the Delicae (foodcourt). Bringing the authentic taste of Bali, this concept is totally different from other Boga Group's restaurants, which mostly specialized in Asian & Western food. The interior was modern with a touch of Bali's ornament. Enough sayin', let's try their food.

Nasi Campur Bebek (109k). This dish consists of bebek goreng, bebek betutu, sate lilit bebek, lawar kacang panjang, kacang goreng, lalapan, sop komeh bebek, and sambal matah. I ordered the nasi campur because I could try many dishes in one plate, and I definitely love this. Everything came with strong taste which is rich and well-marinated, the crispy fried duck wasn't as good as the competitor (sorry to say), but if I enjoy and mix it with other dishes this won my heart. Well, if you miss Balinese food just come to here! 

Nasi Goreng Bumbu Kuning (65k). Aromatic ginger and turmeric fried rice served with fried chicken, fried egg, crackers, and acar. Anyway, I got a quite bad experience here, this dish was served almost 30mins from my order time (I asked the waiters several times and the answers were all the same) whereas the nasi campur came so fast around 15mins. In addition, I got an overcooked fried egg which tasted very bitter. However, the waiters came and asked me to change the egg into the new one. Luckily the nasi goreng bumbu kuning was pretty nice, with again- strong yet rich taste which I like the most.

Putu Made

Senayan City Mall 5th Floor (besides Delicae)
Ph: 021- 21889061 ext:501

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