Kabuto Mazesoba

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Few days ago, I got a chance to visit Kabuto Mazesoba for the second time. I was a bit surprised that there wasn't crowd like what I found when I got there in the first month of their opening. Furthermore, I hope they kept maintaining their quality of the food and of course, the taste of the mazesoba. Recently I realized that the mazesoba hype wasn't as good as ramen, but I still love it.

Gyotie (35k). The gyotie was pretty good, not too oily and dry. A nice starter. 

Kabutan Mazesoba (65k). At first I thought it's their new dish since it wasn't included in the menu book. It also said as their best-seller so why not try it? The mazesoba texture was nice, unfortunately I didn't like their sauce which tasted a bit sour. Honestly, I prefer the original sauce mazesoba.

Yoshihiro Donburi Pork Chasiu Rice (R 57k; S 39k). Donburi served with pork belly chasiu, soft boiled egg, garlic, and seaweed. The pork belly chasiu was perfectly grilled, juicy yet tender enough. Love it when I mixed the rice with soft boiled egg & delish pork belly. YUM!

Kabuto Mazesoba

Ruko Crown Golf Blok B no. 2
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
Ph: 021- 2257 0506

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