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AYCE means all you can eat. Tairyo is an AYCE restaurant. Tairyo is located at Grand Indonesia. Tairyo is special for its japanese teppanyaki. Because of we can eat all we can, I ordered many, so I mixed many photos to one page. It's easier to look. I'm sorry I didn't order all the menus, because I'm still a normal teenager ;;) I'm not a glutton too. Haha.

Overall, all the food were good. Delicious and tasty. I liked the teppanyaki, the grilled one. They cooked it very well. The service was also fast and good. The atmosphere is quite good and unique. I recommend this restaurant :D FYI, they have different menus: lunch menu and dinner menu. The dinner menu is more expensive.

Grand Indonesia Lt.5 Unit 11-11C
Tel: 021-2358 1988

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  1. tairyo green bay, gak recommended ...pelayanan buruk ,makanan selalu telat ...bad management...minta maaf tapi pelayanan buruk


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