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Hiii guys! Ni hao again! This is a chinese restaurant, house of chinatown heritage cuisine. Soup restaurant is franchise from Singapore. There's a lot in Singapore. I had dinner at Soup restaurant PX Pavillion Puri.
Samsui Ginger Chicken (around 80k). I ordered the small size one. Hmmm this was so so delicious and tasty, really. It served with lettuce, you can wrap the chicken and cucumber with the lettuce and dip it with the ginger sauce. It's really an unique chinese heritage. I think it was the most delicious steamed chicken I ever ate. Craving for this :P

Blackpepper Beef (around 40k). The taste was good, not too spicy and not too salty. The beef mixed with union and chilli. 

Steamed San Yu Fish Slices (around 50k). This steamed fish was so nice and delicious. Mouth-watering! It's not only easy to eat (there's no bone) but also easy to say: it's very tasty :D

Mongolian Beef (around 40k). It's very different from blackpepper beef. This isn't spicy at all. It mixed with vegetables. It was quite good.

Sambal French Bean (around 30k). It was tasty and not too spicy, but the portion was small for me. This is recommended than the other vegetables.

Overall, I love this restaurant. The interior is very nice. The service was also fast and good, I guess because their restaurant isn't big. The food are very delicious and the price isn't too expensive and it's worth it. If you ask me, whether I wanna come back or not, I say of course! :D I'm craving for these food seriously.

Soup Restaurant
PX Pavillion Lt.1 Unit 8
Tel: 021-5835 6063

Plaza Indonesia Lt. 3
Tel: 021-3983 8220

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