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Hi this is my first review in 2013. Kitchenette. If you go to Plaza Indonesia at 1st floor, you'll see an unique restaurant with opened-kitchen and kitchen interior. You'll see crowd too when lunch and dinner time. Kitchenette is famous for its crepes. I was curious about it. And now kitchenette has opened at Central Park Mall. So check it out :

Roasted Chicken in Garlic Butter Sauce (75k). I like roasted/ grilled chicken and I heard that Kitchenette's one is great, so I ordered this, and yeah it's true! This was very delicious and tasty, the chicken was juicy and tender. The ingredients were nice, they used rosemary for it. The french fries was just okay. For me it's worth to try, although there's no dressing on the salad (I don't care I don't like salad haha) and the chicken was small.

Uncle Raul's Spanish Meatballs (65k). I saw (k) symbol on this menu, it means that it's kitchenette special. There're 3 meatballs with one slice plain bread covered by creamy beef chorizo (minced beef). It tasted delicious and you'll easy to get full because it's creamy. At first I thought it won't be enough, but I'm wrong and yeah it's worth to try too.

Claudette (45k). Roasted bananas with vanilla pods, butter caramel sauce and vanilla ice cream. I like this crepe, seriously. Maybe it's because I love vanilla and caramel but it just tasted good. Believe me. Btw Kitchenette has many crepes menu, I'll try the others on the next visit.

Freshly squeezed kiwi and strawberry juices (28k each).

Overall, I really recommend Kitchenette to everyone who likes an unique and cozy place to eat or just chat with friends. Even though it's quite pricey, but it's worth to try I think. The service was also fast and the waitresses were friendly. Don't come on lunch or dinner time on the weekend, it will be a long queue, come early.

Central Park Mall Tribeca Ground floor unit PAV 3A
Tel: 021-5698 8888

Plaza Indonesia extention 1st floor
Tel: 021-29923580

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