JKTGO White Brunch at Common Grounds

10:00 AM

Last week, on 25th of April 2015, JiF attended the very 1st JKTGO White Brunch which was held at Common Grounds, City Walk Sudirman. It was an honor for JiF to be invited and attended this very first JKTGO Beautiful White Brunch, supported by Common Grounds @commongroundsjkt - BEAU @beaujkt and - Pea and Pie Decoration @peaandpie.
Let's see how awesome the decoration was :

I fell in love with every single beautiful things on my table, good job Pea and Pie! Let's check the brunch out by Common Grounds x BEAU :

Fairfax Breakfast Sandwich. BEAU's brioche buns served with scrambled eggs, caramelized onions, and sriracha mayo. The BEAU's brioche buns was soft and I have to admit BEAU is an expert with texture things. The scrambled eggs were just okay mixed with the caramelized onions. Unfortunately, the sriracha mayo wasn't the star of the plate, lack of creamy taste and just tasted pretty hot. The french fries were the best thing I found on my plate, crunchy and not oily.

Eggs Norwegian on Sourdough. BEAU's rustic sourdough, poached eggs, smoked salmon, sauteed asparagus, and hollandaise. I think the smoked salmon and poached eggs were promising. And yes, the smoked salmon was great, but the only thing I missed was the poached eggs. It wasn't runny at all, overcooked. The ideal and perfect poached egg has a runny yolk that's hardening around the edges. I assumed that it's simply because it was crowded with the event guests so they had to cook in a rush. That condition was understandable tho. The hollandaise was incredibly nice and made the poached eggs better.

Brulee French Toast with Date Reduction. BEAU's brioche loaf, berry compote, poached rhubarb wrapped in bacon. Brioche is a classic fragrant bread, which is rich in butter and milk. I found BEAU's brioches were all good, I really love the texture, very soft, such a hearty bread. The brioche was drenched in eggs and pan fried until golden, served with berry compote and bacon wrraped poached rhubarb. Honestly, I prefer there was no bacon, I think it wasn't really a good combination since the rhubarb was a bit too sweet and made the overall not balance. But thankfully the brioche saved my day, I enjoyed it with the maple sauce alone.

Special thanks to JKGO for inviting JiF to their very first Beautiful White Brunch. The best thing here was that I met so many famous yet friendly people and had a chit chat with them. Thank you to all the supporters also, such as Common Grounds- for the pretty good food, BEAU- for the great brioches, and Pea and Pie- for the awesome and beautiful decoration. FYI, BEAU has opened their first store at Plaza Indonesia, and I'm going to visit them soon! Give them a try, their pastry was superb! I'll get back to Common Grounds too, to try their signature coffees and have a brunch!

Common Grounds
Citywalk Sudirman Level G
Ph : 021- 2555 8963

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