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KOBE is a newly opened Japanese buffet restaurant, managed by Shabu2House. Located at PIM 3 Street Gallery, you can find it right in front of the escalator on the 2nd floor. From the entrance, I love the black theme and silver metal decoration, which reflects elegance in minimalism. Since it's a buffet AYCE restaurant, which serves mostly Japanese cuisine, there are only 2 buffet packages available: regular and deluxe one. Scroll-down for further info.

First, a tour of their elegant interior :

Let's see their buffet stations :

 Ready-to-eat food station
 Deep-fried things
 Ramen noodles (homemade)
 Shabu-shabu sauces & condiments
Japanese authentic food station
 Tempura with the sauces
All you can drink
 What's on my table?
 When my steak was being grilled by the chef!
US Premium Steak - Deluxe package
Ready to eat!
So juicy and tender

US Premium Steak. Steak sauce selections : demi-glace, onion, soyu butter, blackpepper, mushroom. The best thing from this steak; it was so juicy, tender, yet pretty delicious! Evenmore, when it was on the hotplate, I really love the smell that came from the steak as well.  Anyway, I chose mushroom sauce as a compliment for the steak. You can enjoy this as much as you want by choosing the Deluxe package one!

Dimsum. The siumai was decent. They not only serve authentic Japanese cuisine, but also some western (japanese fusion) and chinese food.

Tempura & Ramen noodle. I love the tempura, it was deep-fried well but not oily at all. The chef fries the tempura every period of time, and you just take it from the station. My tips is take it after the chef just fried it, better served while hot, because it's more crispy.
The ramen noodle was also quite nice, the noodle was freshly homemade, and the nice thing is that you can boil the noodle by yourself and just put the toppings which you want and pour the ramen soup. It's a type of light ramen accompanied by clear soup.

These are from the ready-to-eat food station. All dish were just okay, my favorite is the yakiniku.

Sushi. Just go straight to the sushi station, there's a sushi display there, then just ask the chef which want do you want. The sushi station only serves freshly made sushi, the system is made by order. All sushi were okay, my favorite is the salmon one.

Soup selections : original, curry, spicy miso, miso, sukiyaki, kimchi, collagen, corn, tounyu
Spicy miso soup
Original soup
Original soup

Shabu-shabu. The beef was thinly sliced premium US, only available for deluxe package. For the soup, I chose original soup and spicy miso soup. This is my most favorite dish in KOBE by Shabu2House. From its name, I already knew that their signature will be the shabu-shabu. And they prove it right, the beef was thin and so tender, moreover served with the original soup (the soup was light, at first it tasted quite tasteless, but after you put in the vegetables and the beef, the soup has really nice broth). Since the beef was thinly sliced, it will get overcooked easily, don't put the slice of beef too long in the boiling soup, swish it gently back and forth in the boiling soup until the color turned into brown. Then, eat the meat, dipping in the sauce. I'm not a fan of spicy things, so I prefer the original one than the spicy miso soup. But for a spicy lover, should try it.

Heaven on earth
Who doesn't like chocolate FONDUE?

Soft cream toppings
My mix- vanilla and matcha soft cream!

Mix vanilla and matcha soft cream. I love ICE CREAM. I love SOFT CREAM. I love Vanilla & Matcha. Thank God here at KOBE I could enjoy a mix of vanilla and matcha soft cream as much as I want. For the toppings, you can also choose whatever you want. The soft cream was really nice, the texture was soft, quite light, and not too creamy (sore throat friendly :P). I like eating the cute mini macaroons with the soft cream. Perfect combination!

Overall, I really enjoyed my lunch here with the various selections of the Japanese food. All dishes were pretty good, and what I like the most are the US Premium Steak, the Shabu-shabu, and the soft cream for the dessert. For the price, as it's a buffet AYCE restaurant, I might say it's quite affordable, since you can enjoy unlimited shabu-shabu, steak, sukiyaki, sushi, tempura, noodles, yakiniku, other Japanese cuisine, drink, and dessert. The interior has a nice ambiance, dominated with black and glass theme, reflecting a spacious, elegant, and minimalist atmosphere. Don't forget to bring your family and friends here to enjoy unlimited Japanese food with reasonable price! :)

1. Regular package : shabu-shabu, steak, sukiyaki, chicken, drink, and dessert
Weekday IDR 149k ++
Weekend IDR 177k ++
2. Deluxe package : shabu-shabu, steak (US Premium), sukiyaki, premium beef, drink, and dessert
Weekday IDR 249k ++
Weekend IDR 299k ++

KOBE by Shabu2House
PIM 3 Street Gallery 2nd floor
Ph: 021- 2970 4981

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