Manhattan Fish Market

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Manhattan Fish Market is a family franchised seafood restaurant with tagline "fresh seafood".  They have so many branches at South East Asian countries and Japan. In Jakarta, they only have two branches; Central Park Mall and Grand Indonesia. Actually, I've been here several times, but never brought my camera, and this time fortunately I bring my camera and I'll make a review for their seafood! Enough talk, let's go straight to their seafood!

First, the drink :

Sunset by The Bay (39k). Earl Grey tea mixed with peachy fruit bites. It was such a relaxing yet refreshing drink! Perfect for the hot weather recently.


Manhattan Flaming Seafood Platter (229k). I always ordered this when I came to MFM. This is their best seller menu too. The platter served up generous portions of hand battered fried fish fillets, oysters, and calamari- complimented with garlic herb rice, french fries, and mixed vegetables. The star of the platter is the Manhattan Flaming prawns. The most interesting one is the waiter flamed the prawns right before my eyes! I like the flavorful garlic herb rice, smelled pretty good. The french fries were just okay when the mixed vegetables were a bit overcooked. What I like the most were the fish fillets and the flaming prawns. The fish fillets were cooked perfectly in golden brown. The flaming prawns? Taste quite good with the creamy flamed sauce, unfortunately, some prawns weren't fresh anymore and made the taste turned down. However, the key of great seafood are the freshness and the cooking method. The oysters and calamari textures weren't crispy like what I expected. I hope they'll pay attention to the freshness and quality of the ingredients, they're a franchised restaurant, should give MFM a nice name to customers.

Manhattan Fish Market
Central Park Mall LG FI. Unit 204C-205
Ph: 021- 292 000 15

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