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A simple 'Lunner' at Monolog. If you're wondering what's the meaning of 'Lunner', if you know what 'Brunch' means, then you probably guess Lunner means between Lunch and Dinner. Yep, you got it right! After having lunch at shopping mall, I often walk around in hours only to do shopping, then when I feel a bit tired, I'll go for coffee, sometimes plus a meal for Lunner. Let's see what I got for my Lunner at Monolog :

Hot Latte with additional Hazelnut flavor (30k + flavor 10k). My favorite coffee at Monolog, I found it's very interesting for its coffee here, that we can request for additional flavor to your coffee. Ehm, yes, because I'm neither a coffee lover nor coffee expert so I might not taste a strong coffee. My hot latte with hazelnut flavor saved my day! No need to add sugar!

Eggs Benedict with Beef Ham (80k). Toasted English muffin with poached eggs and a selection of protein (Beef ham or Smoked salmon) served with house salad. The portion was quite generous, especially the house salad. Unfortunately, the house salad was a bit lack of dressing, so it became quite dry. The combination between the toasted muffin, runny poached egg, and beef ham were great! Honestly, I didn't really like the sauce, but it was still okay, and I do love seeing the runny eggs!

Plaza Senayan, CP 101 B Palm Gate Entrance
Ph: 021 - 572 5144

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