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Paradise Inn which managed by the well-known Boga Group, is a classic Chinese restaurant, serving classic signatures, tea, and desserts. Having 3 outlets in Jakarta, no doubt, they are one of the popular Chinese restaurant among citizens. Great food with classic homey ambiance, suitable for having lunch/dinner with your lovely family, or friends, or even with your business clients. Enough talking, let's check it out :

Lily flower, forget me not, dried longan, and chrysanthemum (25k). Let's start with their tea, served on a very unique transparent teapot. It has a light sweet taste, with flowery aroma. Not like common teapot at other restaurants, it was served with a mini candle, keeping the tea warm all the time since tea is best served hot. Nice!

Stewed Pork Belly with Lotus Bun (18k each). A simple lotus bun with stewed pork belly would be a great choice for your appetizer. The texture of the bun was very soft and light, suitable for the pork belly. The pork belly itself was tasty, even though it wasn't really tender, but still okay. 

Hot Plate Tofu with Preserved 'Cai Xin' and Minced Pork (Small 48k). My favorite main dish at Paradise Inn. The homemade tofu has such a very soft and smooth texture, served with their special sauce along with preserved cai xin and minced pork on the hotplate. Spoiler; there was thinly fried egg on the base. So yum!!

Imperial Pork Ribs (Small 58k). Another my fav and a must-order dish here at Paradise Inn. From its presentation, it may look just like a simple dish, but surprisingly the pork ribs were delicious, juicy, and tender enough, well-marinated with their special imperial sauce. Don't forget to enjoy your pork ribs with warm white rice! Uh-mazing.

If you're wondering, why there're so many 'd' logo, come along with spoon, knife, and other small things on the photos, it's the property of 'Dealoka'.
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Paradise Inn
Puri Indah Mall, Lt.1 Unit #102
Ph: 021-5822-459

Another outlets in Jakarta :
Plaza Indonesia Outlet
Plaza Indonesia, Level Basement Unit 25-27A
Ph: 021-2992-3848

Baywalk Mall Outlet
Baywalk Mall, Lt.1 Unit 11,12,15
Ph: 021- 2962-9495

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