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I haven't been visiting Bali in several years, and I do miss the Balinese food. Thank God, there's Ajengan Bali, the newly-opened humble Balinese restaurant which is located at strategic Cipete Raya Road. Ajengan means food/ meals in Balinese language, that's why Ajengan Bali serves only best traditional and authentic Balinese cuisine. Short story about them, Ajengan Bali is a family restaurant managed by the friendly yet humble mother and daughters who preserve the grandma's special recipes which represent Bali's culinary heritage and cultures from generation to generation. Let's see their homey interiors :

 Pic courtesy @ajenganbali
 Pic courtesy @ajenganbali
 Pic courtesy @ajenganbali
Pic courtesy @ajenganbali

Kara nuts - Complimentary. The Balinese nuts, thinly sliced and very crunchy. Very suitable for snacking while waiting your main courses come.

LEFT- Ajengan Mixed Juice (33k). The fresh mixed juice consists of Orange, Lychee, and Pineapple. Perfect mix, perfect taste. So refreshing!

RIGHT - Melon Juice (27k). Freshly juiced melon, sweet enough to brighten your day! But I prefer the Ajengan mixed juice much, because the taste is so nice.

Nasi Campur Special (82k). White rice, tutu chicken (cooked with Bali spices), raw chicken chili, chicken sisit, duck egg, chicken satay wrap (sate lilit), beef satay skewers, and vegetable kalas (similar like urap). Nasi campur special is one of the signature dishes of  Bali island, which comes with delicious 7 side dishes, this is definitely a MUST-TRY. All the side dishes were perfectly consumed with the white rice, giving a delish taste mix in your mouth. The star of the plate were the chicken satay wrap (sate lilit), the chicken meat was well-baked and mashed with Bali's special spices! It was very good.

Bebek Goreng Ubud (70k). White rice, dry fried duck served with chillis and vegetables kalas. Another famous dish from Bali, you can't miss this one. Well, I can't forget how delicious it was even until I'm writing this post, the crispy and dry fried duck was very nice, not oily at all. Don't forget to dip the crispy duck into the sambal matah! YUM.

Nasi Ayam Pelalah plus Plecing (55k). White rice, chilli chicken, and vegetable glutton plecing kale. It's basically chilli chicken comes along with plecing kangkung. The chilli chicken was pretty decent with enjoyable chilli and the plecing kangkung has generous portion.

Sanganan Bali (30k). Assorted snacks Bali. This traditional Bali snacks, remind me of Thailand's mango sticky rice, what make them different are Sanganan Bali uses banana and black sticky rice topped with shredded coconut and comes with palm sugar sauce. It's great to end up your lunch!

Overall, I really enjoyed my delightful lunch at Ajengan Bali. Not only serving great Balinese food, but they also provide comfortable ambience with homey interiors. Even though the place isn't too big, you can celebrate your event here with your family, friends, business clients, or maybe for regular social gathering. If you miss Bali's delicious cuisine, then it's time for you to drop by and try their signature dishes!

Ajengan Bali
Cipete Raya no. 50C
Cipete, Jakarta Selatan
Ph: 021- 7690 266 / 0878 0807 0456

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