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Ivy, located at the Brawijaya street, not far from the Dharmawangsa, I would say this is such a hidden gem for you who's looking for a casual yet intimate place to have lunch, dinner, or just chill for a drink. They serve a wide variety of Asian, Indonesian, and Western food. The place might not be spacious, however I like the ambience here and I think you'd better make a rsvp especially for dinner. At first glance, I thought this was a semi fine dining restaurant, but I was wrong, it's basically a casual dining place which 'looks' like a fine dining one. Let's start from their interior which mostly decorated with wooden things.

Lychee Iced Tea (50k). Love the slim-tall glass and the lemongrass! I was impressed how they put attention to details even to a common drink menu like this.

Tempe Goreng (45k). Fried crispy bean cake with sambal matah. Thinly sliced, very crispy, yet addictive with the flavorful sambal matah. It's such a perfect light starter!

Beef Ox-Tongue (170k). Beef tongue served with fried sambal, peyek, cucumber, tomato, and steamed rice. My favorite so far, I really love how juicy and tender the beef tongue was. Moreover, it was well-marinated with spices but not too strong. Eating beef tongue might be a creepy thing for some people, including me, but trust me, if I wasn't told I wouldn't think it was beef tongue. Because it had a great taste just like meat. For you who like to eat gyutandon (Japanese style beef tongue), should try this one! Unfortunately, for the peyek, I think they should make it has a thinner texture so it'll be more crispy.

Ivy Laksa (125k). Udon laksa served with fish cake, prawn, fish ball, bean sprout, boiled egg, coconut milk. What made it unique than other common laksa is they use homemade udon here. The udon texture was great, along with the rich but not spicy curry soup. Definitely a comfort dish for a rainy day.

Bubur Sumsum (65k). Bubur sumsum combined with crush cashew nut, brown sugar sauce and mini meringue. The bubur sumsum itself had a soft yet smooth texture, I enjoyed it while it wasn't hot anymore and I like it because it became more dense. Don't pour too much brown sugar, because it was sweet enough, combined with the buttery crush cashew nut. I always like to discover traditional dish that we can easily find at street hawker being served in a fancy restaurant. Cute presentation, right?

Ivy Restaurant
Brawijaya II No. 48
Jakarta Selatan
Ph: 021- 726 5766

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