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Few days ago, I got a chance to visit Nocturnal at PIK area, an owl-themed restaurant with rustic decoration. The place itself was divided into 2 section; first with natural light and instagrammable wall and the second one with dim lights which represented 'nocturnal' theme. I do love the hanging sweet yet fluffy pink roses along with the bird cages. So cool!

Beautiful, isn't it?

Lychee Iced Tea (38k). So refreshing!

Salmon Creamy Lemon (90k). Lemon carbonara spaghetti served with grilled salmon and garlic bread. The salmon was perfectly grilled, crispy on the skin and not too dry. I like the unique combination between the lemon and carbonara sauce, it tasted like creamy yet a bit sour.

Red Wine Meatball (80k). Tomato beef sauce spaghetti with red wine and 3 pcs of meatballs. My favorite one! It wasn't like a common bolognaise spaghetti. The taste was very delish along with well-balanced sauce. The meatballs had a nice texture too. Recommended!

Classic Benedict (60k). English muffin, ham, bacon, poached egg, mixed salad, and hollandaise sauce. Look at the perfectly runny poached eggs! For the English muffin, it had a nice texture and the hollandaise sauce was decent. From its presentation, it was great except for the mixed salad. I thought they should change the mixed salad into the colorful salad which uses a variety of lettuce.

Avocado Honey Chocolate Coffee (45k). The avocado was so fresh, love it! Moreover with the mixture of chocolate ice cream, chocolate sauce and coffee.

Strawberry cheesecake. Seasonal cake. The cake texture was soft and moist enough even though the flavor wasn't too rich.

Nocturnal PIK
Ruko Crown Golf Blok B 57-58
Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Utara
Ph: 021- 2188 9061

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