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Hello everyone! I felt so excited recently to post a review. This time I will review a Vietnamese Restaurant and also a bar actually, named Phobar. Located at the fairgrounds SCBD. The location is very strategic and I guess this place is a full-house in night. I parked my car in front of the entrance. Nice eh. This is it :9

Hello JiF is here! This is my third food journey. Enjoy! *Behind me is a glass of fresh lychee iced tea*

Fusion Platters (98k). They are chicken wings, mango mayo rolls, chicken popcorns, and crispy mushrooms. I can say these are all nice. I like them all. I ate them all. The only thing I dislike is the portion is quite small :)

Black Pepper Beef Steak Fusion Style (130k). The beef is marinated with Vietnamese-Western home made sauce, served with creamy black pepper sauce and grilled vegetables. I told the waitress "medium-well" level, but this is well-done. Well, I could tolerate it. Luckily, the beef was still okay, even it wasn't very juicy and tender. Not like other steaks, this is so dry. I like the taste of the beef, so fusion. Western food combined with Vietnamese style. Pretty neat presentation with the "eye-catching blue salt"! Well done!

Flan Cake (29k). Kem Flan in Vietnamese Coffee Syrup, with added coconut milk. The desserts that I love the most are like creme and vanilla things. So for me, this is so GOOD. I couldn't resist when it started to enter my mouth.

Vietnamese Xu Xe Cake (29k). Filled with mung beans. Served hot when it arrived at my table. It's so authentic, but not my taste.

JiF says, "Don't you think they are smaller than me?"

 Fascinating interior!!!
The corners with huge painting on the wall 
The bar corner with the superb lamps
Lovely entrance!!!

Overall, I like the food and absolutely the place! From the entrance I can know that they have a such fascinating interior design with elegant-classy-luxury lamps! The lamps. Yeah I love it so much! It will be good to pay a visit to here in the night. Such a romantic place to have a dinner with your loved ones. The atmosphere was nice, I was so comfortable and likely to sit there all day along. The service was also fast and friendly. I will come back next time to try the pho, since their specialities in Vietnamese food. One word : Recommended! ;)

Fairgrounds SCBD Lot.14
Ph: 021- 515 0366 / 3464 1777

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