Woori Jung

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Hi guys this time it's time for Korean Restaurant. This Korean Restaurant located at Wolter Monginsidi area, named Woo Ri Jung. Woo Ri Jung is in one group with SamWon House. Here is it.

I like the "slim" chopsticks

Banchan. In Korean Restaurants, they give free-flow appetizers which is called "Banchan". And it's all free. free. FYI, they also provide free-flow cold/hot ocha. The ocha is also free. yesss free.

Daigi Galbi (140k). This is the super yummy grilled pork. I really love the texture, so tender and juicy. The pork were already marinated with their fresh ingredients, well I'm not amazed, the taste was so good. So guys.. porky never fail me and I love it.so much.

Galbi Sal (240k). This is the beef. They didn't marinate it first, but it's fresh meat. They just grilled it and we have to dip the beef to their special sauces. There are 3 special sauces: the salty one, sweet one, and chili one. I love to dip with them all. But in my opinion, the daigi galbi (pork) is better than this. I guess because they marinated the pork. But this one is also delicious and yummy. The beef was so tender and juicy.

The fresh vegetables, as the compliment for the meats
The interior

Overall, Woo Ri Jung is one of the best Korean restaurants in Jakarta. The service was also nice. The restaurant has simple interior, but it's comfortable. And the main point I like from Korean restaurant is the free and free-flow banchan (Korean appetizers) and cold/hot ocha. So we just have to order the meat and rice, since the drink and appetizers (include vegetables) are already provided. Woo Ri Jung only serve fresh meats with fresh ingredients, so don't worry about the meats. Worth to try even it's quite pricey! :)

Woori Jung Korean Dining Restaurant
Jl. Wolter Monginsidi no.49
Ph: 021- 7279 6299

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