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Hello everyone! Back again with me. I've been to a small and beautiful cafe, named Roastwoods. Located at Kuningan Village (Setiabudi area). The whole cafe is decorated with OWLS, since the theme of the cafe is about OWLS. Here you go for the review.

Hello this is my fourth food journey :) I'm so happy I can take a photo with this cute owl!

Original Wings (39k). Roastwoods famous original chicken wings. It's so crispy and delicious! I like the ingredients which are penetrated to the bone. And the unique thing, they serve it with an empty small basket which used for the left bones.

Classic Aglio Olio Spaghetti (48k). Spaghetti cooked with garlic and olive oil, fished off with a hint of parmesan. For me, this is just okay, they cooked it well but it was a little bit too creamy for me. I prefer the original aglio olio which is oily.

Bibimbap Fire Hot Stone (59k). A Korean style rice bowl, served in a hot stone. The rice is topped with fresh vegetables, minced beef meat, "fried egg", and Roastwoods special bibimbap sauce. They served a fried egg instead of sunny side up egg. Pardon me I didn't take the photo when it came to my table, I stirred it before I realized I hadn't take a pic of it. But.. it's still mouth-watering, isn't it? I like the bibimbap, the mix of the vegetables, beef, egg, and the sauce are nice. It's delish!!! The portion was also okay.

Sweet iced teas

Here are the pics of the whole cafe :

Outdoor area
The indoor area
The owl wall decoration. LOVE IT!
 Save the Earth guys!
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The indoor area
 The colorful owls family
The unique owls
 The bar when the lights off
The bar when the lights on. It's pretty, isn't it?

Overall, I think the food are not bad, since the price is quite reasonable. The surprisingly fact is that no MSG are used at all the food served here. I will come back to try the green chilli fried duck, I heard its their famous main course. I love the decorations of this small but beautiful cafe. Everything is about owl. Owl is a cute bird, isn't it? I really love the owl wall decoration! And the bar when the lights are on. Located in a strategic business area, I'm sure they're full house in lunch time. The service was also fast and good. I recommend this tiny cafe for everyone who likes to try a nice cafe in Jakarta, which serves good food with inexpensive price. The place is pretty!

Roastwoods Cafe
Kuningan Village Ground Fl.
Ph: 021- 5290 3195

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