THREE BUNS Burger & Heads

8:52 PM

Hello this time I will review the MOST HAPPENING PLACE in town! THREE BUNS Burger & Heads. This burger and cocktails house just opened few days ago.. but the crowd of this newly-opened restaurant is CRAZY! I guess Instagram is the main factor which make this place is so happening. Located at Senopati area, it becomes one of the full-house restaurant at senopati. Yey one member is added to senopati area. I'm gonna show you why you should pay a visit to there.

Here are what I ordered...

Bare Roots Cola (30k). Secret botanical mix by Three Buns. It's so secretly and I couldn't describe it :P Bare roots cola is one of their Jerks- homemade sodas made with natural ingredients and no preservatives. Honestly I dislike it.. I will try another jerks when I come back to here.

Naughty Fries (45k). Spiced bearnaise, beef chilli, crisp shallots, parmesan, and sesame seeds. It's not a usual fries. It's naughty in my mouth. I love this.

Baby Huey (95k). Prime 150gr beef patty, cheese, lettuce, ketchup, pickles, and spiced mayo. The beef was so tender and juicy, and delicious :P Well, it's quite pricey for a burger. But... it's worth to try as the portion is quite big too. The burger is so different with any other burger. Pretty delish! These photos are dedicated to : BABY HUEY.

Have you drooled yet? Anyway, the place is very cozy, eco-friendly, and HOT! I'll show you here..

 The Food Truck, we order and pay here
 The BAR
 So wooden and minimalist
 The private corner
 View from my table
 The fans...
 The big man with big head dog
 Nice interior ;)
So crowded!

Overall, I love the burger and also the place! FYI, there's a self-service method to dine in here. First, you queue at the food truck as seen on the photos. You order and pay there (you will be given a number), then you pick up your drink at the bar section. After that you can sit wherever you want and wait till your number is blinking at the number board behind the bar section, when it's blinking it means your order is ready. You can pick up your food on the right side of the bar section. 
The place is smartly designed wooden minimalist and eco-friendly with lots of potted plants. It's so cozy to sit here "sore-sore". You'd better come at "sore-sore" than at lunch time, because it's extremely hot here! since the roof is made from glass and transparent. And better just wear a t-shirt or any light clothes. Everybody is fanning themselves! Luckily, I could sit under the air-conditioner. The fans couldn't help you at all. 
The food. The burger is so delicious! I like it. The naughty fries is also good to try. Well, I spent almost 200k for a burger, fries, and bare root cola. It's quite pricey, but it's worth to try at least once, if you're curious about it! ;)

THREE BUNS Burger & Heads
Jl. Senopati Raya no.90
Ph: 021- 2930 7780

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