Beranda Kitchen, Coffee, and Terrace Lounge

10:20 AM

From the entrance, I was definitely sure that this place is so cozy and homey. It's called Beranda Kitchen, Coffee, and Terrace Lounge. After I entered this place, yeah I was right. The ambiance is so homey! Located opposite the famous LAB school, this place isn't hard to find. At lunch time, you'll see many cars park here. Let's go to the food :

Beranda Beef Burger (62k). Beranda's special dish; beef burger with potato wedges. It's delish, the beef was fresh, juicy and tender. The potato wedges were just okay. This dish is simple but simply delicious!

Classic Aglio Olio (60k). Yes. Classic. Aglio Olio is always be my comfort food whenever I'm confused what to order in a restaurant. And thankfully, this aglio olio is quite delicious! Not too dry and also not too oily. Even though it's classic, doesn't mean it's not good ;)

JiF is sitting comfortably on the cozy chair at Beranda~ He looks so tiny!

Overall, I'm quite satisfied with the food, the ambiance, and the service. All were great. I think they just have to add more variety on the menu. The price was quite reasonable. Based on the name and the theme of this restaurant, I could feel comfortable and homey with their cozy-homey interiors. Unfortunately, I came a bit too earlier, not all the lights were already turned on. Sorry I didn't take any photos of the interior since the low light condition. But my most favorite corner is as you can see the photo above :) 

Beranda Kitchen, Coffee, and Terrace Lounge
Jl. K.H. Ahmad Dahlan no. 21
Ph: 021- 722 1216

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