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Pantai Indah Kapuk area has lots of restaurants and I think it's the most developed culinary area in Jakarta. When you're in that area, I bet you'll be confused to choose where to eat. And last week, a cute small cafe stole my heart, named The Twig Cafe. From the entrance, you can see a cute european style door. Well, let's go to the food :

Skinny Potato (around 30k). Skinny potato topped with smoked beef, cream and chopped chives. The potato is well-seasoned and baked perfectly, not oily at all. It's simply delicious, such a nice appetizer. I love it!

Pancetta Pasta Ala Twig (around 40k). Spaghetti aglio olio served with pork belly and mushrooms. Aglio olio is always be my comfort food everytime I'm confused what to order in a restaurant. This aglio olio is not bad actually! But unfortunately, the pork belly was overcooked so it was though. I'd better eat the aglio olio only with the mushrooms. 

Spaghetti Prawn Aglio Olio (around 40k). Aglio olio served with prawn and mushrooms. FYI, you can request for the spiciness, spicy or not. I must say this is better than the pancetta pasta. The prawn was fresh and cooked well. DELISH! I love this :9

Here are the pretty interiors :

Overall, The Twig Cafe is such a nice cozy cafe which served good food with good ambiance. With their classic interior and the frame photos on the wall, it makes me feel comfort and feel homey when enjoying my meals at Twig Cafe. I love how this small cafe give attention and pretty details to the cafe. In my opinion, no need a big space to make a nice cafe, just good food with reasonable price-good place-good service-good ambiance. I'm sure people will love to come back. Anyway, the service was fast and friendly. Twig Cafe has quite wide variety of menu, from Asian-Indonesian-Western-Italian food and offers them with reasonable price. Honestly, I forgot about the exactly price of what I order, but what I can remember they offer reasonable price. If you're confused where to eat when you're in PIK area, Twig Cafe can be a good choice :)

The Twig Cafe
Ruko Crown Golf Blok B no.5 (besides bobabits) PIK
Ph: 021- 294 24808

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