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Few days ago, I had lunch at a ramen house, called Santouka. It's a franchise ramen house from Hokkaido, Japan. In Japan, different city/ province has different ramen style. Anyway, I'm a fan of Japanese ramen. Then, will Santouka ramen steal my heart? ;)

Pork Gyoza (around 35k). Pork dumplings. The pork gyoza is delish! Not too dry, not too oily, and I can taste the pork well. Don't forget to dip the gyoza with the soy sauce and chilli oil. It's such a perfect complimentary for the ramen! Nyammm! :9

Shio Ramen (around 80k). Original ramen- salt flavor. Geez.. This is so so GOOD! The broth was so rich in salt flavor, but not too salty. And the noodles were cooked very well! The pork... super delicious. I couldn't find anything wrong with this bowl of happiness! DELISH! :9 Yes, Santouka ramen becomes one of the best ramen in my list. Have I made you drool with these mouth-watering photos?!

Here are the interior :

Overall, I'm in love with their tasty Hokkaido style ramen. *I'm drooling now* The ramen house is not too big and not too small. The interior is minimalist with black, white and wood combination. Get back to the main point, they serve great ramen! They should open more branches to reach west, south, and east Jakarta. The service was also fast and good. I can conclude that this ramen house has become my must-visit-ramen house, when I'm craving for ramen... They have a quite wide variety of the ramen and I'm going to come back to try another one. You guys gotta try this! Maybe the price is quite pricey than other ramen house, but believe me it's so good :) RECOMMENDED!

Santouka Hokkaido Ramen
Plaza Indonesia 5th Fl. #E11
Ph: 021- 2992 3832

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