Lady Alice Tea Room

7:00 PM

Lady Alice Tea Room. It's time for Tea Party!!! As we can see, now there are so many newly-opened coffee shops in Jakarta. I think it's rare to find a tea room (tea shop). And mostly high tea set is quite expensive served at some hotels/ cafes. Anyway, I bought an affordable tea party package voucher at Lady Alice Tea Room. Well, let's check this out :

Tea Party Treat's Package for 2 persons. The package includes 2 slices of homemade cakes on display, 2 pieces of macaroons, special chimney, vanilla muffin, and mini sandwich. A little taste of wonderland. I must say I love them all. The cake on the left, was pretty colorful, soft, and scrumptious. The chocolate cake was rich and tasty. The macaroons were just okay. The special chimney was so special! It's one of the Lady Alice's specialty. Perfect combination of texture, taste, and ingredients. The vanilla muffin was not bad, but it was too solid for me. The sandwich was very delicious! One of the best sandwich I ever had. Well, my favorite goes to the special chimney and the sandwich :9

I also ordered the Lady special tea. It's a special tea blend with special ingredients. I love how the flavor of the tea made a smile on my face. The tea has already a unique flavor and I didn't need to add some sugar.

Here are some closer looks :

The interior & decoration :

Overall, this classic-garden tea room is a nice place to visit. They serve high quality food and drink with reasonable prices. The tea party package is such a good idea to order when you're going to have an afternoon tea. FYI, Lady Alice brings the first chimney cake to Indonesia. And the chimney cake is so so good! You gotta try it since it's their specialty. Anyway, Lady Alice also serves a variety of main courses, such as pastas, omurice, lasagna, etc. I'm going to come back soon to try 'em :P Good food, good service, good place, good ambiance to have lunch, afternoon tea, or dinner with your loved ones! 

Lady Alice Tea Room
Gandaria City Mall 2nd Fl. Lot 211
Ph: 021- 2923 6376

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  1. Terlalu overpriced untuk secangkir kopi & kue-kue kecil, pelayanannya juga sucks ! tidak sopan & jutekk,

  2. Terlalu overpriced untuk secangkir kopi & kue-kue kecil, pelayanannya juga sucks ! tidak sopan & jutekk - Lady Alice Tea Gandaria City


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