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Passing the SCBD and Senopati area, you should've seen a tiny Taiwanese dessert place, called Black Sugar. Located beside Arang 22 Korean Restaurant, this tiny dessert place attracts me to pay a visit. No need to say more, here I'll show you their desserts :

Pudding Lover (46k). Black sugar + pudding + grass jelly + vermicelli + douhua + vanilla ice cream + condensed milk. Since I'm a fan of pudding, I was disappointed because the pudding was just so so. Why did I say that? Because I've ever tasted the better pudding at the famous dessert place "you know". Nevertheless, the portion is very generous with various toppings. The main point that this dessert is quite dry for me and I prefer the wet one. The vanilla ice cream and the other topping were just okay.

Vanilla Grass Jelly (46k). The name of this dessert is actually Matcha Grass Jelly based on the menu, but I decided to change the ice cream flavor into Vanilla, because I prefer vanilla much than matcha. Black sugar + grass jelly + red bean + green bean + taro + sweet potato + qq balls + vanilla ice cream + condensed milk. This vanilla grass jelly is better than the pudding lover. It has more various toppings and not too dry. The grass jelly was just okay, what I like are the taro and the beans. 

Overall, I wasn't impressed with their desserts. This happens maybe because I'll always compare Taiwanese dessert place to a famous dessert place which everyone knows. And till now, I still couldn't find a better one than the famous. I think Black Sugar should give more improvements for the details of the desserts. For the service, it was quite fast and the staffs were friendly. The place isn't big, but it's quite comfortable to have a dessert there. Lastly, I've to give compliment for their generous portion and the toppings! With that price, it's quite cheap for a bowl with many toppings like those.

Black Sugar - Taiwanese Desserts
Jl. Tuludong Bawah no.1 SCBD (beside Arang 22)
Ph: 021- 521 3679

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