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Few days ago, JiF had a chance to revisit Parc19 Bistro Terrace- to try some of the Parc19's Ramadhan Special Set Menu. Yeyy! After the first visit, I know that Parc19 will still serve good food with great taste and uniqueness. Let's check their Ramadhan Special Set Menu :9

Free Tajil. The Ramadhan special set menu includes free tajil for you to breakfasting!:)

Beef Ravioli. Chunky beef tenderloin stuffed in Parc19's home made pasta dough, tossed in tomato base sauce, garnished with fresh salad and alfalfa sprouts. First, the chunky beef was tasty, tender and juicy. Second, the pasta dough was delicate and delicious. Lastly, the beef ravioli was delicate outside and yummy inside. Moreover, the simple tomato sauce makes the dish decent. The keys for a good ravioli are rich fillings and simple sauce. And Parc19 has made it. Btw, look at the alfalfa sprouts! The cutest sprouts I ever seen.

Poached Sea Bass. Poached sea bass in yellow coconut milk gravy, served on a bed of rice, accompanied with a serving of urap, topped with sambal matah. Not all fish are fishy, if you can cook it well. This poached sea bass wasn't fishy at all, two thumbs up! It's pretty delish with flavorful yellow coconut milk gravy. The urap was nice, but a little bit spicy for me- it may because I'm not a really fan of chili. The sambal matah was such an ideal accompaniment for the rice and the fish as well. 

Rosemary Fried Chicken. Rosemary fried chicken served with pillaf rice and fresh green salad accompanied with honey mustard sauce. Rosemary is a culinary herb which is good for giving a nicely unique taste. I usually find rosemary on roasted or grilled or baked chicken, but here is the fried chicken one. It's interesting! The fried chicken was fried to golden-brown perfection, not oily at all and it was very crispy & delicious. I must say it's not an ordinary fried chicken. Furthermore, the pillaf rice was so unique from the texture and the taste, and also fragrant. Such a perfect combination between the rice and the fried chicken. I love it! :9

 Iced Tea

Thanks once again to Parc19 Bistro Terrace - Ms. Cici for having JiF :)

The Parc19's Ramadhan Special Set Menu includes one main course (Lamb Red Curry / Beef Ravioli / Poached Sea Bass / Rosemary Fried Chicken), hot or iced tea, and free tajil. All of the main courses I tried were good, but if you ask me which one is my fav, my heart will choose the rosemary fried chicken- because it has stolen my heart :P 
You can enjoy this tasty set menu everyday in this holy month of Ramadhan from 5pm-9pm for 95++ Overall, I enjoyed all of the dishes they served. One more info, there's always salad or vegetables in each main course! So it's completely good for your body and great for replenishing your energy and nutrients after you daily fast. Good food with reasonable price, good service, good place, good cozy ambiance! Why do I say Parc19 is so cozy? Check my previous review here : Parc19. Then.. What are you waiting for? :)

Parc19 Bistro Terrace
Jl. Taman Kemang 19
Ph: 021- 719 9988

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